Fire & EMS

Response time means everything when every second is critical. Better products mean better protection and better performance for the ones who save lives when moments matter.

APX Series P25 Two-way Radios

Unlimited, secure, versatile, and ready to face the challenges regardless of the job. Large displays and buttons for ease of use with gloves or in critical response situations.
The improved reliable design is ideal for first responders with customizable call alerts and voice recording features.

APX Personnel Accountability

This application optimizes multiple source data organization to one screen so incident commanders can more easily account for the status of first responders.

Fire Station Alerting

Increase alert efficiency, and response time with features that manage station automation and reduce occupant anxiety.
Collaborating accurate real time information means accelerated and improved crucial decision making in medical emergencies.

Managed and Support Services

Anticipating and managing system issues before technology downtime turns into real life disaster.

Empowering information takers to instantly coordinate with responding decision makers giving seamless and accurate support when it’s needed most.
Verbatim communication data retrievable from radio or phone to research, recreate, or improve productivity.

Batteries, chargers, mounts, docks, holsters, shoulder straps, and earpieces make sure your tools are ready when you need them most. Prepared, secure, accessible, and hands free means that you can worry about situations instead of devices.

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