Federal Goverment

Whether one critical mission that requires the utmost security or the ongoing task of daily border protection, the right combination of equipment, applications, and platforms can mean the difference between failure and success.

Unlimited, secure, versatile, and ready to face the challenges regardless of the job. Large displays and buttons for ease of use with gloves or in critical response situations.

Able to withstand cold, rain, heat, humidity, dust, and vibration, this mobile powerhouse can be easily installed in to any government or public safety vehicle turning it into Wi-Fi hotspot while never compromising data speed, security or control.

Sensitive data needs to travel. Access encrypted information on mobile applications with commercial smart phones using microSD form all without compromising US Federal Government-level data security.

Border Protect

One common platform that connects voice, video, and data over multiple organizations working to defend multipleroutes, terrains, and entry-points.

Federal Investigations

A platform to turn data into intelligence by giving investigators the power of cross agency communication even in areas without mobile radio coverage or reliable LTE coverage.

High Profile Events

Learn how a variety of Motorola products, applications, and platforms work together through every step of the mission to ensure the most up to date information and give you the upper hand on security.

Batteries, chargers, mounts, docks, holsters, shoulder straps, and earpieces make sure your tools are ready when you need them most. Prepared, secure, accessible, and hands free means that you can worry about situations instead of devices.

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