LTE Devices

A broadband connection can offer diverse intelligence relied on by first responders. Everything from records to statistics, video to real-time correspondence, this line of devices is simple yet rugged and has been optimized for exactly what field officers need.

LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld

This handheld smartphone form gives field officers the broadband experience with optimal coverage on several networks. It’s loud, clear, secure, durable, and loaded with public safety applications allowing first responders to collaborate across agencies.

LEX F10 FirstNet - Ready Solution

This complete public safety solution transcends the boundaries of location and frequency seamlessly connecting officers and agencies. It enhances existing management tools, protecting your investment while protecting your people.

VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem

Able to withstand cold, rain, heat, humidity, dust, and vibration, this mobile powerhouse can be easily installed in to any government or public safety vehicle turning it into Wi-Fi hotspot while never compromising data speed, security or control.

CRYPTR micro Encryption Unit

Sensitive data needs to travel. Access encrypted information on mobile applications with commercial smart phones using microSD form all without compromising US Federal Government-level data security.

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