Here now and looking towards our future. Supplying the tools to keep our schools operating safe and efficiently to ensure the best is ahead of us.

Portable or mobile, powerful, streamline, quick, clear, and user friendly. Build to provide clear communication and suit a multitude of needs in a variety of styles.

Schools are one way we invest in and protect our future. Let’s make sure they are well protected in a time of crisis.

Bus Fleet Tracking & Management

GPS-enabled radios feature emergency call buttons and remote monitoring while applications inspect, track and alert of upkeep and security.

WAVE Work Group Communications

With the WAVE’s PTT platform, you can unify operations between devices and networks to communicate between smartphones, radios, computers, or landlines.

Grant Assistance

Motorola partners with EducationGrantsHelp to provide schools with free grant research, application assistance and more for radio systems and SchoolSAFE.

Batteries, chargers, mounts, docks, holsters, shoulder straps, and earpieces make sure your tools are ready when you need them most. Prepared, secure, accessible, and hands free means that you can worry about situations instead of devices.

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