Our network unit offers radio, phone, paging, and wireless high speed Internet service. These services and many more are brought to our customers at a low cost, on our region wide network, which is based on high quality transmission equipment. The customers we serve include construction, agriculture, government, maintenance, gaming, industrial, manufacturing, utilities and so much more we can't list them all.

We plan to extend the Gila Electronics Network to encompass the addition of 20 channels in the 800Mhz. and 400Mhz. bands from which we will offer, to better satisfy our customer's needs. The Gila Electronics network currently consists of approximately 40 channels, region wide.

We have also recently acquired A.P.Wireless ,a region wide paging company offering POCSAG, GOLAY and FLEX services in the VHF, UHF, and 900Mhz bands. With our combination of radio's, paging, data communication's, S.M.R. and the Internet, we are evolving into the regional leader of the southwest.